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Our HubSpot agency implements HubSpot CRM for companies that want to propel their growth with a reliable customer relationship and sales management tool.

HubSpot CRM offers many features to centralize your contact information, improve your sales process and offer a personalized experience to your customers.

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What Is a CRM?

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software allows brands and companies to manage customer relationships and improve sales.

The software makes it possible to centralize a company's data in a single place, in a unified manner. This way, the information is accessible to all the employees of your company.

This significantly improves collaboration and communication between employees, your leads, and customers. In addition, the CRM records all interactions with your contacts!

It also considerably improves your sales process with clear and up-to-date information in an efficient sales pipeline.

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Why Choose HubSpot as Your CRM

HubSpot's CRM offers many key features that allow your company to manage your customer relationships and sales process centrally. Plus, it's completely customizable and flexible to your team and business needs.

Choosing HubSpot as your CRM solution will allow you to improve collaboration and communication between your teams by unifying your entire customer journey in a single software.

HubSpot's CRM integrates with different hubs (Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, CMS Hub, Service Hub, and Operations Hub), allowing you to offer your customers a unique and loyal experience.

HubSpot CRM Implementation Process

You can implement HubSpot CRM in 4 steps: audit, data migration, implementation of HubSpot CRM, and training your employees on HubSpot CRM.

The Audit
The Audit

Conducting an audit will help map the various data sources containing your contact and sales data.

It will also help you understand your company's sales process to configure HubSpot CRM, including contact records and a sales pipeline that can help support your company's growth.

Data Migration to HubSpot CRM

Data Migration to HubSpot CRM

It is important to migrate the data you have collected on your contacts to HubSpot CRM.

To do this, our experts will take the time to extract these data from your systems. Then, we move to the cleaning phase to keep only essential information and unify them. Lastly, we import everything into HubSpot CRM.

The Implementation of HubSpot CRM

The Implementation of HubSpot CRM

The implementation of HubSpot CRM consists of putting in place all the necessary processes and measures to ensure that the necessary information is collected.

It also entails that your new contacts are directly registered in HubSpot CRM and segmented according to their characteristics.

As a result, leads will be assigned to the right salespeople, and they will be quickly informed of this new entry in your sales pipeline.

Our data analysis team will also configure the various reports available within HubSpot CRM so that you can keep an eye on your key performance indicators.

Notre équipe spécialisée en analyse de données configurera également les différents rapports disponibles au sein de HubSpot CRM afin que vous puissiez garder un œil sur vos indicateurs de performance clé! 

Training your employees to HubSpot CRM

Training your employees to HubSpot CRM

Once the implementation of HubSpot is finalized, it will be necessary to train your employees to explore all its features hassle-free.

Our agency will create a customized training plan, completely adaptable to your company's needs and provide the necessary support to use HubSpot CRM without breaking a sweat.

HubSpot's integrated CRM tools

HubSpot offers an intuitive CRM that goes beyond simple customer relationship management. It integrates many features, including:

Contact management

Contact records are the foundation of HubSpot's CRM. They contain all the information collected on your company's contacts.
They are centralized and unified within a single management software, offering simple and secure access to everyone in your team who need to use the data.

Interaction history

HubSpot CRM records all interactions between a contact and your teams, whether email exchanges, calls, or meetings. In addition, your employees can create notes to record all important information about your leads and customers.

Sales management with a sales pipeline

HubSpot CRM simplifies your sales process with simple transaction management within a sales funnel. You'll be able to view results quickly within a dashboard, using this information to improve your sales process and bottom line.

Detailed company information

HubSpot's integrated CRM leverages a database of over 20 million companies to give you access to information about your prospects and customers.

Creating reports and dashboards

The data our CRM collects, whether about contacts or sales, can be viewed and analyzed using HubSpot's reports and dashboards.

Appointment Scheduling tool

HubSpot simplifies scheduling calls and meetings with a tool that allows your contacts to choose the best time directly from the calendar of the person they want to meet.

Forms Management

You can use HubSpot's forms on your website for form submissions directly in the CRM.

Contact Activity Tracking

HubSpot integrates a tracking code into your website that can record the activity of your contacts on your site and better understand your customers' experience.

All-in-one inbox

HubSpot integrates an inbox that allows your team to efficiently manage all incoming requests from your potential and current customers.

Response Live Chat

For the best customer experience for every prospect visiting your site, HubSpot provides live chat integration.

The Different Hubs That Integrate with CRM

HubSpot is an ecosystem for customer management, marketing, sales, content creation, and operations. It integrates different interconnected hubs to provide your business with the best solution for your needs.

Do you want to implement Hubspot CRM?