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Marketing Hub

Our HubSpot agency specializes in implementing the Marketing Hub tool for businesses that want to attract the right customers and convert them into sales and engagement. Marketing Hub is a powerful and easy-to-use software that also allows you to launch and manage complete marketing campaigns.


It is time to implement the Marketing Hub software if ...

What is Marketing Hub?

HubSpot's Marketing Hub software is powerful and easy to use. Marketing Hub allows you to have all your tools and data for your different marketing strategies on one platform. Save time by using a single platform to give your audience and customers a unique and personal experience while keeping in mind your conversion goals.

Marketing Hub's main features

Blog management

Thanks to Marketing Hub, you will be able to publish content—with calls-to-action—that your audience is actively seeking and thus gain visibility on different channels: website, search engines, social media.

SEO tool

Optimize your company's visibility and authority on the various search engines and stand out from your competition with Marketing Hub's SEO tool. It will also allow you to plan your content strategy and optimize text according to your SEO objectives.

Advertising campaign

Easily justify your advertising budget. Manage your Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Ads campaigns directly in HubSpot and identify the ads that convert leads into customers.

Social media management

Marketing Hub includes a social media management tool that makes it possible to manage your posts, interact with your community, and manage and launch your advertising campaigns.

Video marketing

Video content is now a must-have in digital marketing. Marketing Hub makes hosting your videos easy! It allows you to manage your uploads and to embed your videos effortlessly in your web pages and social networks.

Communications software

With Marketing Hub, you can communicate and share relevant information with your employees and teams depending on who needs it, and interact with your customers and site visitors. Gain real-time conversion with HubSpot!

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