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Our HubSpot agency in Montreal and Quebec City helps our clients propel their growth with the help of our advanced CRM tool, which is the first of its kind. Hubspot helps you hone your marketing efforts, generate leads, manage sales, and provide exceptional customer service.

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Marketing Hub

All-in-one marketing software

HubSpot integrates a Marketing Hub, a powerful and easy-to-use digital marketing platform.

You get to create relevant and personalized content, such as email and social media campaigns, to increase your website traffic, generate more leads and convert those leads into customers.

Sales & CRM Hub

Efficient sales management

HubSpot Sales integrates a full-featured CRM allowing your sales team to focus exclusively on your leads and existing customers while improving team productivity.

We understand that a good or bad customer relationship can make or break a business. You can integrate emails within HubSpot, set up a sales pipeline to better track your potential revenue, or schedule appointments.

Hub Service

Offer a customer service that matches your ambitions

Your customers deserve available and efficient customer service. HubSpot allows you to provide them with all the tools you need in its Service Hub.

It offers a ticketing system to resolve customer problems, an NPS survey system, intuitive chat with robots, and a complete and easily accessible knowledge base.

A Powerful CMS

HubSpot's powerful CMS will facilitate quick updates of your site. With its principle of visual blocks, you can easily edit the content. Optimized for speed and SEO, it provides a flawless user experience on mobile.

hubspot cms

Our HubSpot-certified agency will support you no matter which HubSpot tool you use.


Depending on the price plan chosen, the marketing hub offers you access to many tools you can use to attract your target audience and convert them into customers.

You can create forms within Hubspot so that each new contact is saved directly to the CRM whilst the forms are integrated on your site.

Once the contacts are saved in your database, you can easily carry out personalized and automated email marketing campaigns to help you convert your prospects.

The marketing hub also includes a management tool for Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or LinkedIn Ads advertising campaigns and a social network manager.

What's more? A web analytics tool gives access to essential performance indicators.


Hubspot's sales hub allows you to design an effective strategy to engage your prospects and convert them into customers.

Do you want to do more with emails?

Some of our priced plans allow you to integrate Hubspot with email management. That enables you to centralize all communications, including your calls, with your leads in a single place and facilitate follow-up.

You can also set up a sales pipeline to visualize your potential turnover and the chances of converting each lead according to the stage in which it ends.


Hubspot is a powerful CRM that can be used for free by any company, regardless of size. It will allow you to have a better follow-up of your leads and sales and offer basic features such as email follow-up, live chat for your site, or a meeting planning module.

For the best and more intuitive experience, add one of Hubspot's other hubs, such as the marketing or sales hub.

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